Friday, May 6, 2011

what we need (for Debbie)

once in a while
he got a glimpse of her grocery list
his margarine
unsalted-top saltines

he just noticed
that they hadn’t run out of milk
like he worried
they would
she knew how long things lasted
her inventories always one step ahead

he imagined writing an item
on her list
like bananas but it was already
maybe he could write something
they never bought
like frozen pizza
but he knew that his scribble
in the wrong spot
next to her easy script
could throw off the balance

of letters and categories
mixing the unseen map of aisles
as she rushed to fill the cart

with everything they need

Barry DeCarli
April 22, 2011
Ferrisburgh, VT
Copyright 2011 Barry DeCarli

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a death in Pakistan

who cringes from the clamor of this wild chant
that treats this Special Ops killing
like a long sought World Cup victory


who is unable to kindle enthusiasm
for this death
while agreeing he should be dead
knowing that some justice had been exacted
who is uncomfortable with the clamorous shouting


who is repulsed by the bravado, the machismo
the in-your-face, bring-it-on arrogance
who can conjure an image of college students, waitresses and firemen
parading in the street, swaggering with his bloody head on a stick

who can not feel relief
in this death or in this display of frenzied pride

while girding for the explosive aftermath to come


Barry DeCarli
May 4, 2011
Copyright 2011 Barry DeCarli