Thursday, May 31, 2012


it might have been disappointment that
gave flight
to that lava hot burner
across that cold  kitchen 

or anger 

but it was my mother
who stood her ground
by the stove
handle in hand
as the nearly molten discus crash landed
short of its mark
at my father’s unsure feet 

its circle brand smoking itself
into worn linoleum
acrid uncertainty
hanging in the air 

a half century later
though the house may be cinders
caved into its foundation
the taste of burnt linseed oil
smoldering cork
and an uncertain future 

still remain 

Barry DeCarli
May 31, 2012
©2012 Barry DeCarli

Thursday, May 24, 2012

taps echoing

(for my uncles, Albert & George Atkins on Memorial Day
Veterans of WWII)

your photos stand
against the debris of suburban life
garaged with tools
and transportation
wheels and windows
boxes and broken glass

stored here
your photos stand
for the memory of war
the honor of service
the love of country

accidentally remembered
an afterthought of lawn mowing
trimming and hedging
chain sawing
hammering, nailing
do-it-yourself mentality
for fixing up

but not for war

graphic images
of two uncles who went to war
then came home to live

the American Dream

both are gone with
no ceremony
no phone call
no visit
no possibility

this poem is hardly enough

Barry DeCarli
Ferrisburgh, VT
Copyright 2009 Barry DeCarli
Revised 05/29/11
Reposted 05/24/12


and winter, on its cold way
doesn’t know things have changed
only people are rearranged
and quietly lost in the play 

blanketed with fallen snow
the landscape really doesn’t know
that its friends have packed and gone
the final caress, gentle footsteps at dawn 

and peeking through the frigid early sky
not the smallest inkling disturbs the sun
for it neither cares or wonders why
we throw it a tearful kiss and run
neither can we know what to perceive
as we sadden at the life we leave 

Barry DeCarli
From Of Sun and Rain
Copyright 1972 Barry DeCarli

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

cutting the cord

a film may show the cord
being cut
and some suggest the ineptness
of the doctor making an innie or an outie
as if at that point
the belly button matters

the violence of birth
might be
preparation for

approaching nearly two decades
in the future

leaving a first home
escaping the full protection of a thin layer of skin
the warmth, the liquid breath
the sanctuary

years later
a June ceremony

setting the stage
for a September departure
a bloodless umbilical severing

an unsure backward glance
a hastening step


Barry DeCarli
March 26, 2010
Copyright 2010 Barry DeCarli

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a better truth

may speak when silence is
the better truth

but what sacrifice is too great
on the altar of tact
there is no apology for beauty

forgiveness may unburden
but the truth remains
can a truth be reconciled by contrition
how long can whitewash cover a scar


which is the truer reckoning

Barry DeCarli
November 22, 2006
Copyright 2010 Barry DeCarli