Friday, October 10, 2014


to will himself young
yet he imagined
his reflection
in those laughing eyes
as her contemporary

language was
no impediment to this conversation
with eyes telling where words were too timid to go
as heartbeats, palpitations
of emotion, of discovery
crossed continents like crossing a street

but once he saw
his own warped reflection
in the curve of a wineglass
like a laughable distortion
in a carnival mirror

the razor-sharp teeth of reality
stripped this dream to the bone

Barry DeCarli
October 4, 2014
On Swiss Air Flight #052 Zurich to Boston

©2014 Barry DeCarli

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

in passing

waiting at a crosswalk
just near the morning-rushed
Minzoni chaos
Bus #1 pushes by
the faint aroma of exhaust
mixes with the sight of tempting dolci
beyond the shop’s plate glass

a face in the bus window
turning to view a waiting pedestrian
both delving for just a second
the eyes of youth and age meeting
one past, now growing
with the promise of tomorrow
one future, receding
as possibility fades
a universe of space between them
across the changing autumn air

the reflection on the heart’s fragile prism
yesterday in the mirror of today
a glimpse of everything
momentary glitter
and darkness

the beginning and the end

Barry DeCarli
September 27 + October 1, 2014
Florence, Italy (at Casa Iris)

©2014 Barry DeCarli