Sunday, June 12, 2016

primum non nocere

we fall short
of being better people
when we won’t
recognize a symptom
a sorrow
a struggle

our pride fights back
when we should
come to the table
to surrender
disarm our demons
and be still

even though pain
tortures our conscience
tears at our heart

our incomprehension
pushes us toward
and deeper wounds

making more scars
when we could begin
to help

to heal…

Barry DeCarli
June 3, 2016
On Hammond Pond
©Barry DeCarli

Sunday, June 5, 2016

souls in common

across the sky
the years
the miles
of a great divide
without saying
but knowing
perceiving  the bond
that just a few will see

across a country
a continent
an ocean
souls searching
without touch
or whisper

still a closeness
across the silence
the darkness
the shadows

similar dreams
light up a speck of universe
a candle flicker
a mirror image
one kindred spirit
or two in a life
finding some shared ground
symphonic similarities
songs sung in unison
answers to questions
no one asked

more déjà vu than coincidence
or memory
a waking dream
across the rippled expanse of wonder
the echo of a thought unspoken
the reflection of a rainbow unseen

unfathomable to all
but souls in common

Barry DeCarli
July 23, 2015
On Hammond Pond
© Barry DeCarli