Saturday, August 29, 2015


so many poets
many more unread words
in notebooks
Word documents
on printer paper

who would read
a loose stack
of papers
hardly cohesive
a spineless unbound pile

unglued pages
some caught under
a weight of polished marble
corners blowing
clicking like playing cards
clothes-pinned to metal bike spokes
then luffing in the window’s breeze

who would tighten phrases
shuffle papers
fold them into a manuscript
a volume of verse
seventy poems perfectly bound
placed on a bookstore shelf
title on the spine

to wait for buyers and
readers uncommon

Barry DeCarli
August 27-28, 2015
On Hammond Pond, Goshen MA
©2015 Barry DeCarli
Draft #2

Friday, August 21, 2015

no teaser

called out
for teasing with my words
a faker fashioning phrases
to lure a trusting mind
into my poetic snare

I’d rather be
a magician pulling a thesaurus
out of a hat

a dreamer catching a falling star
holding its rhyme
in a Mason jar

a lamplighter reaching
up to light a circle
of night air
a patch of dark ground
a way home

but not a teaser
keeping a secret
or trying to deceive
with my images that anyone may see

my metaphors as deep as a mirror…

Barry DeCarli
August 15-21, 2015
On Hammond Pond
©2015 Barry DeCarli
draft #4

Friday, August 14, 2015


better obscurity
than the scrutiny
of examining eyes
this kaleidoscope of our own
broken pieces held
up to the light

some will see beauty
some pain and waste
from the rainbow of color
and jagged edges

tumbling as we turn
to the next catastrophe
or epiphany
the mirrored hall of scattered
dreams, tattered triumphs

the spare glory days
conjured with the turn
of a hand illuminating
the bits and beads
the shards of yesterday
the loose ends

the arbitrary patterns
of bliss and blunder roll
to reflect our tunnel vision until
the fractured light shows us
the mismatched fragments

wedded and welded
by shade and color
our sharp edges salt water sanded
to a sea glass satin
yet ever-changing

to those who look into this lens with wisened eyes

Barry DeCarli
August 13, 2015*
Revised August 25, 2017 On South Street Easthampton
*On Hammond Pond, Goshen MA
©2015 Barry DeCarli

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


hope leads us on
teases us with
its shiny baubles
its stunning horizons

it can carry us over
the roiling turmoil
the raging storm
then as easily
with its cornucopia of lies
spill us into the waves

to flounder against its loss

Barry DeCarli
July 31, 2015
On Hammond Pond

©2015 Barry DeCarli