Monday, November 28, 2011


I’ve always feared the pressure cooker’s
relief valve stem
imagining that bolt of stainless steel blasting
into the ceiling or maybe ricocheting
off the light fixture
into my left eye
killing me dead
the slow cooking crock pot seems so safe
the easy alternative to worry, anxiety and pain
but life is not all about staying safe
some of it is risky
doing or daring
after the pressure cooker didn’t explode
after those slow cooked pork chops
fell apart with the touch of a fork
a belief may change
some things are just too easy to find fault with
or are they just so easy that it’s hard to find
fault with them
the path of least resistance is like that
going with the flow
along for the ride
but who respects that
why can one offense last a lifetime
a momentary glimpse of truth
of condescension
a temporary lapse of tact
an apology never tendered
sometimes a simple ingredient
can sharpen senses giving you a chance
to see who is in front of you
to refocus some old, waning energy
like a can of Campbell’s Chicken with Rice soup
like a smile, a question, a poke in the arm
to overcome the pain
to cross a divide of misunderstanding,
the shivers of hurt, the growing number of years
to take a risk
just to make amends 

Barry DeCarli
November 25, 26, 28, 2011
Ferrisburgh, Vt
Copyright 2011 Barry DeCarli