Friday, April 19, 2013


can it survive 

where is it
in the deaths
of Martin Richard
Krystle Campbell
Lu Lingzi 

where is it
among the twisted, torn
and broken limbs
the riddled bodies
the amputations 

in the aftermath
of tragedy
in the bloodied fingers
and knees
the held hands 

in the resounding anthem
at a hockey game
in the act of a new Pope
cleansing and kissing
the feet of men, women
and Muslims 

is it in a prayer
sent out
across a violent sky
to the imagined
face of God
and in a Neil Diamond song
or in a YouTube video
of a dancing queen 

is it found
in other countries
where bomb blasts
are as ordinary
as thunder
and hunger
where resignation
would be

can it be found
in the wrong
in the midst of carnage
and crying
blood and glass 

after  the unfathomable loss
shock and senselessness
will we pick the bones
of grief
to find it

Barry DeCarli
Aril 19, 2013
©Barry DeCarli 2013