Saturday, December 16, 2017

fast forward

looking toward the new year
approaching as yet
unadorned for the celebration
how will the days be filled
what will happen as nightfall
descends upon each day
what will we bring
to the weeks and months
as they open and close
some drawing near now
others distant
will laughter and tears be our gifts
lifting someone’s burden
can we vanquish the ghosts of the past
or will those images still intrude
as we close our eyes to sleep

for some
the old year heralded new beginnings
cast against dark days and
setbacks searing the view

for others
discovery of some holy grail
an epiphany of truth and joy

 for a few more
a slow race against time
to escape through that midnight opening
with still a bit of hope to spend

we’ll all face the same invisible wall
everyone who has traveled far
and  those who were unable
to take a single physical step

we’ll succeed
we’ll fail
while the  earth spins and orbits
sprinting through sunrises and sunsets
we’ll recognize the inevitability of a turbulent ride
as we try to grasp the reins
and hold on tight

Barry DeCarli
December 15, 2017
On South Street
©Barry DeCarli

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