Friday, September 12, 2014

the meaning

keep a pen and notebook
next to the nightstand of your life
be ready to record
the scent of emotion
a fleeting  idea
the tears of trees
an inkling of a dream
the whisper of leaves

scribble down
some crazy thought
the wakening of a sunrise
the song of the sky
the promise of dawn
the grey light of evening

milk the darkness
squeeze the diary of your mind
for just a bit of sense
to find some sequence
of wonder and worry
laughter and love
truth and tale

observe something
or anything
below the surface you’ve only been scraping
so you can write down
the  part you remember
some vestige of hope
that glimmer of meaning
so someone else might see

Barry DeCarli
Goshen, MA
September 11, 2014

©2014 Barry DeCarli


  1. In your words, I feel that vestige of hope; I see Meaning; Gratefulness is within me for having stumbled upon your poetry. Thank you...

    1. Thank you, Gwynn, for taking the time to comment on my poem. I'm sorry this took so long to appear here, but I was not aware that I had pending comments. You have made my day by stumbling upon my poetry and finding some meaning there. Thanks, again, Barry

  2. In your words, I see a lovely vestige of hope, I feel Meaning, and Gratefulness is strong within for having stumbled upon your poetry. Thank you...