Friday, August 29, 2014

warning signs

warning signs
for Stephen Huneck 

Dog Mountain gave up
her saint, her soul today

the headline read
Artist Huneck takes own life

oh, no
I cried to no one in the kitchen
as the paper unfolded
feeling pain again from the deaths of each
dog I ever loved
knowing some instant sorrow
sensing some loss
that would not be

had some warning gone out
a signal too weak
to reach us where we all live here
on earth
no tower
no satellite
no transmission of urgency

warnings don’t always assault us
like a 4 X 8 fluorescent danger sign screaming

bridge out, take another route

some warnings are like a turning away

a silent, secretive tear
maybe sent out as a prayer
a dim beacon for rescue
we don’t all build a 32 square foot notice
of our pain
sometimes, we only look away at some view
we really don’t see
sometimes there is no reading of this language
few can hear
or even imagine
yet who has not headed into a time
and space appearing from a distance
in control
but instead careening toward some lonely hell

don’t blame
for missing the signs

as we try to make our own way
other concerns won’t allow for


and sometimes
one voice seems
too small to matter

when the same mind’s made up
who could have heard the whisper
the shout
or the even scream
so long past warning

but like a light that travels across the universe
or an impulse across a synapse
his warning
still may come in time
to save someone else

Barry DeCarli
January 15-17, 2010
Ferrisburgh, VT

Copyright 2010 Barry DeCarli

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