Sunday, February 5, 2012

the masters

 how they stumbled
 upon their insight
 conjured the words to
 contrive a common language
 what amazing things
 they imagined, created
 invented as they
 paired the pigments
 mined the marble 
 how did they uncover
 the riches with so little
 to find, so little behind them
 the benefit of so few volumes
 no Internet
 to leave us with Dante's Inferno
 Michelangelo's Pieta, Von Gogh's Starry Night
 what idea compelled them to sacrifice
 their lives to create a masterpiece
 what desire pushed them forward
 in poverty, in desperation
 to leave us with the priceless treasure
 of their blood, their sweat
 the lasting vision of their dreams 

 with all our burgeoning access to information
 our gluttony for natural resources
 our unbridled enthusiasm for change
 for wealth, for comfort 

 what will we leave 

 Barry DeCarli
 February 5, 2012
 Copyright 2012 Barry DeCarli
 Draft #4

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