Sunday, July 1, 2012

right to farm 

the rooster crows unpredictably
morning and afternoon
sunrise to sunset
sometimes after 

farm equipment for planting
for harvesting forms two rust-pocked rows
of red, green and white
lettered Farmall, John Deere, Massey-Ferguson
even one grey Ford
faded, quiet and waiting 

the herd of Holsteins
loaded last week in rattling metal trailers
for a panicked ride to some industrial dairy
the driver unacquainted with the work
of Temple Grandin

there is no market for the rooster
or his incessant hollering
but still no time to sleep
for this 4th generation farmer
finally idle in the hours before dawn
turning over fields in his mind
imagining the end of
that  mocking wake-up call
as the ax slams down 

with the finality of the auctioneer’s gavel 

Barry DeCarli
September 4, 2010 & July 1, 2012
©2012 Barry DeCarli

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