Wednesday, October 31, 2012



what of that uncle
he only thought about
visiting but never did
always remembering the smooth
rides in his Cadillac that
were so different than the bumping
jostling adventures
riding in his father’s Ford
and his uncle’s bellowing, baritone
provocations at Christmas
there was no arguing
only resignation in response
but he sure could fix TVs 

what can he fix with these
mismatched words
square pegs in round holes
no Phillips screwdriver to drive home
an apology, an explanation
no child’s toy, no Chocobaby here
to ignite laughter
to extinguish disappointment
on both sides 

he imagines his mother’s disappointment
a grandmother’s dismay
at this estrangement, this separation
but who can say
who can talk a way out of this
adult, or child grown into an adult 

who, if anyone
can be big enough to fashion
the escape from this trap of pride
this mess of misunderstanding
which generation will blink
ending this distant stand-off
who will flinch, hold hubris at bay
and reach out
or who will just walk away
never looking back
ignoring regret, love 

uncle or niece 

Barry DeCarli
February 10, 2012
Copyright 2012 Barry DeCarli


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