Tuesday, May 30, 2017

going through the motions

some of us
coast through
our days
never facing 
a major hurdle
never learning that big lesson
maybe a small epiphany 
now and then but
but not a revelation 

some of us
are good with the path 
of least resistance 
the view from the bleachers 
where there are no defining
few, if any, victory laps

many of us
feel little desperation 
in our own
ordinary knowledge 
the bits of experience 
we've pieced together
the little lessons that
built us up
or knocked us down

some of us
have not discovered
our own voice
yet we find some solace
some peace
in what we have to say

it can take a while
to hear the drummer
to find the words
as we go along

all the while knowing
that lip-syncing 
someone else's song
should never be enough...

Barry DeCarli
May 19, 2017
On South Street, Easthamptom
 ©Barry DeCarli

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