Sunday, January 12, 2014

 for Finley and Evan

there can be no greater sorrow
than this
with its cruel edge tearing the threads
of a tapestry just begun,
but our tears will weave new threads to those cut short
to hold Finley’s place in our hearts
as we remember the brightness of her smile,
the symphony of her laughter,
the clarity of her eyes. 

her beauty and brilliance
will not pale under today’s shadow.
Finley’s memory will be shared as
part of our own stories,
with her dazzling colors running through,
shining light back into our lives.
the threads of Finley’s life
will be woven into the tapestry
of our lives.
her blaze of purple and pink
will shuttle through the fabric of our souls,
lighting our way through this sorrow 

brightening moments of the long days ahead

Barry DeCarli
January 6-8, 2014
©2014 Barry DeCarli


1 comment:

  1. Finley was our little grand niece and daughter of our nephew Evan Boyle.