Thursday, June 5, 2014

just two men talking

the bottom of his hood came
with a trapdoor view


nah, laminate, smooth finish
cleans up nice
but plywood
might have sufficed

9 square feet
steel hinges
6 feet 5 inches to meet his fate
doesn’t seem like a long drop
too long for Eva Dugan in 1928
but mostly humane

thank god for that
those short drops were torture

just ¾ of a second
a short hurtle towards earth
to snap vertebrae
without that last torturous dance
the classic hangman’s fracture

ever dream you’re falling?

Oh, yeah, I hate that. Don’t you?

hemp coiled seven times, American style
waxed, soaped and greased
knot positioned near the left ear
a black cotton or denim hood
kindly placed to shield witnesses
from emotional pain
physical distortion
Saddam Hussein refused the hood
to further scar his detractors

the Honorable Isaac Parker sent over 100 men to end of their rope

can you believe it
I did read about him
at least I know the end is here

yeah, there’s that

when one door closes, another door opens 

the heat of her touch
her breath salted
papaya and mango
just as her nose and lips
near his left ear
a sensuous gentleness
then the sudden lightness

a dream of flying

Barry DeCarli
March 01, 2010
©2010 Barry DeCarli

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